Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clean Up Day After Irene!

Well Irene has come and gone.  Now the cleanup begins.  She left a tree down in our yard that fell over from the neighbors yard, it was about 60 feet in length.  Isn't it funny that they now have no responsibility for said tree!  I'm pooped and my DB Thomas did most of the work.  :-)  We gave away the wood as my new craft room is now in the room where the fireplace is at.  Wouldn't you know it, the property across the road has no debris on it.  Hey honey, can we move across the street?!  

Only my roof has one itty bitty shingle torn.  Yeah!!  So happy since this roof was just put on this spring. 

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  1. So Sorry Kathy that you were in the midst of the storm, but seeing the damage Irene wrecked in other places glad yours wasn't any worse and no one got hurt! Amazing your neighbors response to the tree, but oh so typical!!!! Loved reading your profile. I'm sure I'll enjoy getting to know you a bit better.