Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet the 4 Legged Family Members

I just wanted to take a minute out of this day to share with you my 4 legged Family Members.  I have a Jack Russell named Anchovy.  He's a mess to say the least.  Very active and has to have his nose in everything.  He's my mischievous one.   In the picture above he has his nose in my mushrooms that I have cultivated on these logs.  He is sure to check out everything and if anyone or anything comes on the property he is sure to let us know.  Wouldn't trade him for anything.  :-)  Then there is sweet timid Lily our Brussels Griffon, cute as can be and at times you wouldn't even know that she was around.  She is sometimes bullied by Anchovy, probably why.  She's a sweet and loving dog with a personality all her own.   She likes to hide under the old house on the property and the picture is of her coming out from under it.  I didn't do so bad on her hair cut.  Did I? ;-)    I'm hoping one day to turn that old house in to a crafty haven.  Then there is Ash, who goes to work with Thomas everyday and at one time she ran with him at least a hundred miles a week.  Now she has a bum leg and can't do the running part anymore.  She loves the outdoors and would still run if you'd let her.  She's a Dalmatian/Bird Dog mix.  We thought she looked like ashes, so that is how she got her name.  Love all my pets dearly, but the one thing that drives me crazy is the HAIR!  You would think they'd be bald by now with all that hair loss. :-)  Hope all of you are having a beautiful spring day and I would love to meet your family pet/pets.