Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holiday Decor Altered Pumpkin Swap

I haven't posted in some time lately.  I have recently switched from a three day work week to a five day work week.  It has really taken away from my crafting and posting time.  But, I'll have to make due for now.
I wanted to share with you some updates.  I'm hosting an Altered Pumpkin Swap over on my ning site.

This will be a one on one partner swap.  I hope to see some new faces join up for this one.  Also I'm just finishing up on two other swaps and will be posting pictures and videos in the next few days on those, which will include Halloween Tags and Micro Mini Albums.  I just didn't want to post just yet as it may spoil the surprise for some of the gals.

My Ning site is slowly growing and I'm really excited about it, come by and check us out.  Hope all of you are having a fun scrappy day!!  

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