Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Run A Hundred Miles.

Brenda Carawan "Graveyard 100 Champion"

John and Thomas "Graveyard 100 Finishers"

To run a hundred miles is an amazing feat to say the least.  I could never do it.  This past weekend was the Graveyard 100 over in the Outer Banks, NC.  Beautiful place, but the temperature got down into the low 30's during the night of the run.  Many didn't finish because their bodies just couldn't handle the cold.  Thomas ran and his finishing time was 25:20 and I was the person following him along the way giving him whatever he needed (water, food, electrolytes, and even pain relievers).  This was my first time crewing and I have to say it was exhausting, but not nearly as exhausting as what the runners went through.  A friend of ours, Brenda, ran it in 16 something.  Wow!  She set the precedent for this run and for runs to come.  She is an amazing woman, but then again all of the runners are amazing.  John also another local here from Virginia Beach came in just behind Thomas.  Congrats to all of you, it is well deserved and then some!!   

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  1. Kathy! You're too sweet. Thanks so much for a nice write up. I'm so incredibly glad you were there to crew Tom. It's definitely a journey that's worth sharing with others (despite the exhaustion). Tom is an amazing runner with so much drive and positive outlook. So glad you guys are part of the ultrarunning family!! Hugs!